Wednesday, March 27, 2013

guilty pleasures

so this last week on Glee (yes. i watch it. yes. i'm proud of it.) the assignment that the kids gave themselves were guilty pleasures.

NOW. this made me laugh, because every. single. thing. that they said was their guilty pleasure, i own up to loud and proud. CALL ME a fannilow. because i am. and proud of it! Bobby Brown? i know what he "allegedly" did to Whitney (and obviously by allegedly, we all know what really happened....) but damn. that is a good song. my prerogative? DAMN!

but this got me thinking about my guilty pleasures, and i though that i would share my "short list" of them. and by short list, i mean, obviously an eternally long list.  and it took some serious thought to come up with this list. because, at first glance? i'm not really that ashamed of the things i love in my life. but....with closer evaluation, i came up with a rather hefty list.

you asked. didn't you? i feel like you did. if not. just stop reading. or don't. whatever. i'm not the boss of you. just consider this your warning. this list is sort of pathetic and ridiculous, and gives you a fairly intimate look at my instability. oh well

i loooooove watching movies that are out in the world SPECIFICALLY to make you cry. i love them way more than any sane person should. guys. i get upset when a movie that is supposed to make you cry....doesn''s disappointing and SUCH a waste. examples you ask? SURE OKAY! Armageddon. Pearl Harbor (i'm sort of upset with myself that my immediate go to movies, both star Ben Affleck, who i didn't really think i was a fan of....but apparently i am....sigh....). Beaches. (gasp! beaches!!! this movie probably started this whole obsession for me. but whatever.) The Impossible. this is a new addition to the list. but it TOTALLY APPLIES. i haven't had my fill of this movie in a couple days, and i'm starting to get the shakes. i need it back. if you haven't watched this, GO RIGHT NOW! stop reading this nonsense, and go watch this movie. it is fantastic and will totally make you cry. this is just a small taste of these movies. if you want more examples to try, just ask. i have a huge movie vault of goodness. movies that disappoint me in their lack of tear flow? Les Miserables! i totally wanted to cry more than i actually did in the movie. The Notebook. i know i should, but i never do!!! my brother? please. he sobs his face off. me? dry as a dead leaf in the fall. i mean, i still love these movies, but there is always a little bit of disappointment on my end.

it is no secret that i love glee. i loooove glee. there is no shame in it. NONE I SAY. but it's the amount that i love it that i generally keep secret. for instance....i own all the seasons....and all the cd's....and i regularly listen to them, and watch them..... YouTube? my history is JAM PACKED with glee songs and clips. and guess what. it is pretty safe to say that i like the glee versions of the songs more than the originals...and i cry listening/watching them ALL THE TIME. it is what it is. get over it.
disco music. i am going to go ahead and blame my parents for this one. when i was growing up, if there was music playing (and there was ALWAYS music playing) my parents didn't cater to what was and was appropriate for children. we didn't listen to primary songs, or hymns. we listened to disco. and it was awesome. Saturday Night Fever? PLEASE! that is genius.

i guess we're going to do a music section of this ditty. whatever. deal. okay. SO. there was this guy. like, 20 years ago, that i saw in a music video, with beautiful hair, beautiful lips, and magical fingers. his name was and always will be Slash. you guys. i think he was my first....musician crush. i loooove slash. i love his attitude. i love his ego. i love his freaking top hat! i love his music. i love everything about him. eve-er-ri-thing! i love that his real name is Saul. FREAKING SAUL! that is wonderful. it really is. and i love that he is genuinely a good husband and father. most rockers get a really bad rap about all the crap that goes on with tours and drugs and all of that. but i feel in my heart and my bones, that he is such a good guy. and he doesn't give a rats BUM what anybody things about him. he is living his life and doing what he loves. i love that. and i love him. remember when he did that song with Michael Jackson and it CHANGED MY WORLD? it did. it really did.

he is a fine specimen.
and since we're talking about slash, we might as well talk about my love for all 80's and 90's hair bands and then also the grunge bands. i am not near cool enough to like these bands as much as i do. but. come on. COME ON! they are cool. and there is nothing to feel guilty about here. again. but. i think my guilt comes in with me not being cool enough to like them. but. i am all about velvet revolver(slash!!), smashing pumpkins, nirvana, and also, white snake, guns n' roses(slash!!!), bon jovi, etc.

remember the show gene simmons family values? uh. hi. hello. good work television. such a good show. so funny. i love seeing amazing musicians being ridiculous and sort of struggling with life. it brings me SO MUCH JOY. so much. plus. it's freaking gene simmons. and that is wonderful right there.

oh. you wanna hear about more musicians that have reality shows with their families? OKAY. the osbornes. you guys. i loved this show. i loved it in a big way. big. HUGE. and not because of the "ridiculousness" that comes with shows like this (see above). i loved this show because is showed how great of a dad ozzy is. there was one episode where it was right when kelly was getting her start into the music. and she was doing...a performance..or interview....something and she was really nervous and sort of freaking out. and ozzy came in. he had been on tour, and had just gotten off a plane and came straight there to support her. he saw her freaking out, and he pulled her into his lap and held her. he told her he was proud of her and that she was going to be great. THAT is why i loved this show. yes. ozzy was crazy. yes. this show was crazy. but the amount of love that this family has for each other is truly remarkable.

ridiculous shows? okay. the kardashians. they are so ridiculous. i hate them. i hate that they are famous for basically nothing. i hate that they have created this empire that the entire world is completely facinated with. and i hate that i love them. THEY are my complete guilty pleasure. i don't love them as much as my sister in law and her sister (who named her CHILD after one of them! come on!), but i love them enough to be ashamed of myself. sigh.

there is something about the disney channel. they really are the machine that spits out amazing crap. i can defend this statement with 3 simple words. High School Musical. zac efron. i knew there was something awesome under all those eyebrows and gapped teeth. he was fantastic in that. i bought these when they came out because i had cousins who would love to watch them and i had to have them on hand. right? and also the soundtracks, complete with the karaoke never know. YOU NEVER KNOW! but seriously? i'd be lying if i said that i only watched/listened to them when i was with the younger cousins. i rock that crap. it's the start of something new, yo.

sigh. i'm a little bit ashamed of this one...clay aiken....this kid is talented. that's all there is to it. i do rock out to his first cd. even though there is the creepy "invisible" song about stalking someone...but whatever. it's catchy and the rest of the cd is fantastic and makes me feel amazing.

remember when vh1 was awesome? Behind the Music. i freaking loved this show. i would watch all of them. even if i didn't like the artist they were featuring, by the end of the show, i loved them and needed to have everything they had ever been a part of. i miss this show.

also on vh1, was their top 100 lists. top 100 worst love songs. top 100 one hit wonders. top 100 ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. i loved this. i remember watching this religiously with my friend shaun. we never agree'd  with vh1 and we always got in very serious debates about their decisions. why. WHY VH1? why do we only have the stupid dating shows now. actually....question...does vh1 still exist? it's been a while since i watched because i was so disappointed in their line up....

dr. drew. you magnificent bastard. everything that you do is great. can i work for you? i have lots of experience! oh man. celebrity rehab. this show was amazing. REALLY THOUGH. i loved it.  the first 3 seasons were the best though. now it's all gimmicky and i'm not totally sure that it's really real, like with most "reality tv" it just looks...scripted. and it is a SHAME.

also....intervention. this show came into my life when i was living with my besties a couple years ago and it was the greatest show of all time. the moment that solidified it? there was this girl, who was drinking her wine out of a glass....jug is the only word i can use really to define it.  it was a gallon of wine. classy. she was using the wine to take down her pain killers. she was sitting out the couch watching tv. eating taco bell. and she fell asleep in her burrito. it was the most terrible/greatest thing i had seen in my life.

before everyone gets upset with me about being rude to people with addictions PLEASE KNOW! i do not want you to think that i am making fun of them. i know that it's real and that it is difficult and that i don't know their individual situation and what got them to that point, and all that jazz. i get it. i agree. but she passed out in her burrito. okay? can we all just agree that that is HILARIOUS?! thank you.

duane chapman. beth chapman. family of dog the bounty hunter. i please join your family? PLEASE!?!? i love this show. i love this family. i love that the show features my island. i love that it doesn't sugar coat my "paradise." i know what it's really like there. i'm just glad that someone is there trying to help the people of hawaii....and also filming it for my viewing pleasure. ;)

i love listening to sad music. "quiet" or "soft" call it what you want my dad calls it my suicide soundtrack. and i love it. if a song makes me cry, it will find itself on repeat for a week until my family can't take it anymore. that's what i call good music. ha. okay. but really. i don't know what it is, but when a song(music and/or lyrics) touches me so much that i cry, i instantly love it. i'm not 100%'s fine....

also. i know, I KNOW i'm not the only one that does this....but sometimes...i go on to YouTube and i search for soldier homecoming videos...and i get lost in that super amazing and emotional vortex of the internet and i sob like a baby. the problem that i never do this when i'm at home in the privacy of my room. no. i do this at my desk at work. where the world sees me and doesn't know what i'm doing, they just see me crying like a CRAZY PERSON. some people that i see fairly regularly don't ask me if i'm okay anymore. they have just started laughing and shaking their heads because...i don't know if you have noticed....but i cry a LOT...and i do it to myself....whatever...

when i am home alone....or everyone else has gone off to bed...and i'm in the kitchen doing the dishes...i pop in my ipod....and i perform to a packed house of 1 full concerts. they are great. they are musically perfect in every way, and very entertaining. sometimes there is dancing. sometimes there is crying. sometimes...sometimes i have to stop washing the dishes and pour my heart and soul into my performance. we don't do things half way over here. you want a show? i'll give you the best damn show of your life. ha!

africa. by toto. this song. *deep soulful sigh* this song you guys. i have loved it since the beginning of time. it is on almost of my playlists. and i never get sick of it. and then i see videos like this silly little ditty, and my love for it grows. GROWS.

in the air tonight. by phil collins. and we all know why. this. this is why.

well. now you guys have a little but MORE information about me that i'm sure you really wanted to know. i'm sure of it. haha. and now you know just how unstable i am. whatever! it's awesome!

k byeeeeee!!

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